How you and I are tyrants unless we grow up in a good upbringing

Throughout the centuries, many tyrants have had the notion that they were born to lead the world. They have done this in good faith to defend their identity or, as some may call it, personal ego or beliefs. To bring their reality into existence they have made the non-identical suffer dire consequences. This suffering is applied in multiple ways, for instance, by sending them to concentration camps, boiling them and cremating them alive.

The Age-old notion of good and evil from biblical times.

For a second, consider being the one that is inside a coffin being cremated, and think about the person cremating? Is that person even human? Or is it that their identity was triggered as a result of one ethnic group doing better in society? We humans defend our beliefs that we are naturally forced to believe in till death; however, no one questions their own beliefs. Are they even real? Oh, so wonderous God, why does he want us to kill another for believing something else? Can we call this person a god or a devil in disguise?

In the meantime, the audience will call these people madmen/women driven by ideological beliefs. In the end, these poor souls are not conscious of their own beliefs and behave like a loyal dog that has been embedded with bad habits and beliefs. Only through proper education or questioning one’s beliefs will they realise what horror they are about to cause when they grow up.

To show you this perspective let’s look at history itself. Also, note that people forget these atrocities with time and they are deemed to repeat the same cycle over again to validate one’s ego.

The Universe conspires us with never-ending challenges that repeat themselves if we do not learn lessons from the past.

The Jews were so successful and happy that Hitler wanted to annihilate them, make them suffer, make sure they go through trauma, make sure there were no Jews on this earth all because of the beliefs that stated that their race was superior, and believed that he was meant to rule over the human race. The funny part is that the Nazis, who are human beings, will honour him as a hero, while most see him as a tyrant. Why do Nazis, who are human beings, honour such a tyrant?

Let’s look at humans being in the first place; humans can be mere puppets in today’s world and all humans look for religion or a system to follow and they do it till its very end without questioning one’s believes. Whether it is ethical or unethical, it does not matter, all that matters is one’s ego.

If god, religion or believes is forgiving and loves other human beings, why did people don’t question ones believes? Why kill the non-identical. Or did men come up with this notion to satisfy their egos?

Let’s look at this brief perspective so you can get an overall understanding of human nature:

Nazi’s killed a couple of a million Jews. Yet the current Germans do not take the blame for it, some believe that they did the right thing and these are not taught in German schools.

Similarly, if you take the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour, the Japanese believe they are innocent, while the Americans believe they are righteous for using an atomic bomb and killing many Japanese people.

If you take the British, Dutch and Portuguese colonization, many nations were sacrificed in an attempt to validate that they are the ones to rule all corners of the world. Although they did do horrible things to many humans, they bought in many processes, in terms of systems, education, bridges, roads and most of all on a better structure of human society.

A forgotten part of history, the trauma of which has also been forgotten is that Genghis Khan killed millions of people.

Eventually, with time all these will be mere facts of history and people will remember the upcoming World War three, where the British decedents fought for the freedom of speech against the communist countries. Both of the segments realised how much harm they have caused one another and decided to live in harmony again.

It is similar to the Ying and the Yang. There are two sides of the coin and one must work to live in harmony with the other. Each British decedent with have a few communist beliefs and the communists will have a small portion of freedom of speech and none can solely live without the other.

It is similar to the male and the female; we need both sides of the coin to progress the cycle of evolution. Similar to men and women, some men believe they are superior and similarly some women believe they are superior yet people forget that this is the root of all problems. The ego wants to dominate and control others, while those who become conscious of this phenomenon through education become enlightened to move through to the next cycle of challenges, while the other goes through the same cycle of chaos and order, till one learns to move through the cycles of personal development.

What the current world needs is not to know who is right or wrong, but one’s perspective. In the end, both could be wrong and some points may be right. It is a quantitative biased opinion by a person. In the end, all humans being without proper education and mind to question themselves will believe that they are righteous but through experience, unless one realises that we are all fallible and it is okay to be wrong, and there is no point in defending one’s identity (Japanese, British or Chinese) but rather learn from the lesson.

Once the church executed women believing they were witches, once a communist regime killed monks for land, once Muslims killed Americans, once Americans killed Muslims. It is a never-ending cycle of chaos and order to prove who is right and wrong. What the current world needs is perspective thought from an early age, and for people to question one’s own beliefs and to know a person is two people (The ego and oneself).

People kill for riches, yet they forget they are going to die one day. People are greedy; all they want is money to be better than the other. These people are egoistic. Let’s take Bezos and Musk, they have billions of dollars; are they happy with their life? From an early age, we have been taught that money
leads to happiness; certainly, it does, but the question is: are you willing to sacrifice your friends, family and your own mental health?

If these rich men were conscious that they could end the hunger and poverty in today’s world, they would have, but they do not realise the capacity they hold to do good in today’s world. Money is something invented and it is a limit set by the world government. This government has the power to give each land infinite resources and to develop poor nations. They should not give money to 3rd or 2nd world countries because their leaders are corrupt but help them to bring about change by showing how to change one’s system.

The United Kingdom once separated its segments that were fighting for the same beliefs with different structures, the Christian and Protestants. In the end, they united as one because they realised that they are humans despite their faith. Why can’t all humanity be united as one so we can call this world the United Land instead of Earth? Well, people are egoistic and people hate change despite the logic. With time, this will come to be as it has happened in history, as nations, kingdoms and religions unite with a common belief to fright a tyrant; in this case, it could be an Alien.

Well, who is God, why does he not show his face? If this god is a being from out of this world, does it mean that he is an Alien? The unknown?

You and I have carried many burdens throughout the ages and our biggest challenge that the Universe is showing us is to bring about unity or to balance the cycle of order and chaos which will repeat until we learn the lesson. So we can evolve by being conscious of our actions.

The purpose of this article is not to hurt anyone’s Egos but to discuss how you and I can work in the present moment to create a better world today by starting with ourselves.

If you take Australia for instance, it has a diverse culture from all over the world, and you might question why all these people would love to stay in this country. From my perspective, it is because of moral ethics that has helped to treat everyone equally. Also, standing up against tyrants who want to rule the world might mean that they will have to use force (Nuclear Submarines) to defend people’s freedom of speech.




Writing in order to have a positive impact to the world; As true Alchemists do not change lead to gold rather they share experiences to make the world better

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Mike Chi

Mike Chi

Writing in order to have a positive impact to the world; As true Alchemists do not change lead to gold rather they share experiences to make the world better

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